“We’ve handled projects together with EB Pritchard Glass and Metal for the past 15 years. They provide on-time, quality work for our sites in the tri-state area. EB Pritchard always has a knowledgeable supervisor on the site of every job. Their experience and expertise with construction and materials, such as erecting heavy glass walls, ensures that our relationship will be a long and profitable one.”
Greg Perosi
Victor Perosi & Sons – General Contractors
“We have been using E.B. Pritchard glass for our glass and metal storefront needs for 4 years and are happy to recommend them. We were impressed from the very beginning with the professionalism and competency of E.B. Pritchard and their employees and have received many compliments from our clients for the work they have done. Some of the clients that E.B. Pritchard has done work for us for are Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Pottery Barn, Bath & Body, Ugg, and Samsonite, to name a few. There have been more times than we can count that we have found ourselves in a pinch and they have come through for us. The work of E.B. Pritchard is far and above excellent and the design and fabrication is outstanding.”
Pat Monahan
Senior Vice President NY
Steadfast Development
“We expect the people that work for us to be honest, dependable and responsive, hard working , and committed to excellence. E.B. Pritchard Glass & Metal has all these qualities.”
Jeffrey G. Hagen
Chief Operating Officer
Adelhardt Construction Corporation
WVC Development Company, Inc. is happy to recommend E.B. Pritchard Glass & Metal Corp. to anyone who is considering contracting for their services. We have worked with them on many projects over the last several years and have never been disappointed. As Construction Managers overseeing several projects at any one time we recommend E.B. Pritchard to our clients as our “preferred contractor for Glass and Metal work.” They are extremely professional in their methods and their work is of highest quality. In closing working with E.B. Pritchard makes our work easier to schedule because they have never failed to keep to a promised delivery date. We welcome any prospective client to call us for a verbal recommendation.
William R. Conte
WVC Development Company, Inc.